About Intersect USA

Intersect USA has always represented the collaborative link between U.S. food manufacturers and our valued clients throughout the world since 1989. When you partner with Intersect USA, you will benefit from my lifetime of global experience navigating the industry in order to bring you nutritious quality food products and consistent cost-saving solutions to the institutional food service industry.

Before founding Intersect USA, I began my career exporting beef and poultry around the world. I started in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries by selling American chicken that met Islamic dietary law. In a business culture where few women had ventured and where many men were unaccustomed to doing business with women, I adapted to the intricacies of Arab cultures, learned about each of my clients' operations and built trust. Soon I began partnering with importers in the former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to sell beef and poultry in previously closed markets. Along the way, I learned to navigate foreign government regulations and tackle logistical challenges contributing to their bottom-line success.

I launched Intersect USA in 1997 to focus my export expertise on fulfilling the institutional food service requirements of correctional facilities along the western region of the United States. By choosing to partner with Intersect USA, you will collaborate with a woman-owned small business that has a wide experience with sourcing, developing and distributing quality food products priced to meet shrinking budgets. More importantly, we will invest our time to understand your food service operations and provide strategic alternatives to lower your food costs while meeting specific nutritional requirements.

Our products meet strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration grading and certification standards. We are licensed by the California Department of Public Health #57631 and the California Department of Food and Agriculture #21429. Furthermore, we are members of the following organizations:

Intersect USA is continually evolving to satisfy our clients' high standards and we are growing in order to service other institutions such as schools and hospitals. We are proud to offer innovative healthy new products, including our custom frozen vegetable and pasta blends and our newest line of Healthy Heart Foods developed to address our clients' new dietary requirements.

We have thrived on building lasting relationships with both our clients and suppliers, which enable us to provide unparalleled service and product selections. Whatever your institutional food service needs, Intersect USA is ready to work with you to fulfill your individual requirements.

Cindy Jensen, CEO and founder