Custom Blends

Convenience, Nutrition and Customization
at a price guaranteed to lower your food costs. Intersect USA is proud to offer our innovative Custom Blends. Our Custom Blends represent one of our largest cost-saving solutions. When preparing from contracted items, the savings can exceed 30% of a facility's cost.

Our blends consist of flash frozen pastas and an assortment of blanched fresh-frozen vegetables always sourced direct from our reputable manufacturers who follow strict adherence to USDA quality standards. Intersect USA's Custom Blends are processed in USDA-inspected facilities.

Pre-blended, pre-cooked means you save prep time while providing fresh new ideas for center-of-the-plate entrees.

Our product developers are continually adding new ingredient selections. This means our Custom Blends allow you to satisfy your institutional food service needs conveniently with a wide variety of nutritious meals inexpensively. By securing cut-rate deals on what is available seasonally and buying excess products, our selections may vary, but you'll always get a low price.

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