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Penne Pasta
Vegetable Blend
with Chicken

Penne Pasta with Broccoli,
Carrots, Red Bell Pepper,
Zucchini and Grilled Chicken

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When you partner with Intersect USA, you will benefit from aligning with an experienced and fully integrated distributor who has been making significant inroads in revenue growth. We are currently servicing significant contracts with government entities including the State of California and Oregon.



Taste and nutrition in one convenient boil-in-a-bag. Intersect USA is proud to offer our custom vegetable pasta blends guaranteed to lower your food costs. Choose from an assortment of pre-cooked frozen pastas, vegetables and proteins and custom mix to create delicious meals that fit your budget. Simply heat, season and serve while saving you time and money.



We make providing nutritious, tasty meals while staying on budget easy. In addition to offering you everyday savings on a large selection of vegetables, pastas, meat products and ingredients, Intersect USA takes advantage of surplus and close-out items as well as our supplier connections to secure you special cut-rate deals.


Our Promise

Intersect USA provides consistent, high quality institutional food service products, while lowering food costs and we promise both without compromise.

High Quality

Intersect USA's success has been built on the relationships and trust we have with suppliers.  This has enabled us to become intimately familiar with each supplier's strengths and capabilities. Whether you need portion-controlled foods, bulk sizes or frozen entrees, we know which suppliers can best meet your needs, while guaranteeing the quality and consistency of the products.

Similarly, our suppliers understand our clients' diverse needs, which include our local county jails in Southern California and our correctional institutions in the state of California and Oregon. If you have special packaging, portion size or delivery schedule requests, our suppliers are prepared to work with us to fulfill them.

At Intersect USA, we value our supplier relationships, but we value our client relationships even more. We strive to create collaborative partnerships with all our clients and will familiarize ourselves with your business by listening to your concerns, learning about the people you serve and understanding your budget limits. We know your needs are unique.

Low Prices

Nobody knows institutional food service better than Intersect USA. In addition to buying huge volumes, we know there's more we can do to save you money. Our relationships with suppliers allow us to negotiate the best prices and to be the first food service distributor they call to sell deeply-discounted products. Intersect USA works with over 100 suppliers and we're constantly seeking new partners to secure you the best deals.

After 16 years in institutional food service, we've developed an instinct for great deals. We know where to find the best frozen vegetables, fruits and pastas and, importantly, when to buy because prices constantly fluctuate. For example, if rainy weather in North Dakota is diminishing supplies of the commodities we offer, thereby increasing price forecasts, we buy now before prices spike. Furthermore, by taking advantage of seasonal specials, we secure deep discounts.

At Intersect USA, high quality and low prices go hand-in-hand.